ARPL/Chef Trade Test

About the course

Students can enrol at any time during the year, assessments will take place at agreed dates and times.

The ARPL process has to prove knowledge, practical and workplace experience that can be mapped to the internal assessment criteria of the Occupational Certificate: Chef (Level 5)(SAQA 101697) qualification.

The process includes the compilation of a Portfolio of Evidence, the completion of a mapping document, a theory assessment and a practical assessment aimed at identifying skills gaps. Should the student fail the theory or practical assessments the candidate will be referred for gap closure before the test can be taken again. Once the student completed the theory and practical assessments as well as the POE successfully a statement of results will be issued and the candidate gains entry to the trade test.

The trade test is the final summative assessment for the chef qualification and takes place over two days. Day one is an induction, followed by a theory assessment and day two is a practical assessment. Once the trade test is successfully completed, certification is recommended to the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

Minimum Requirements:

* 19 years and older;
* At least 3 years industry experience, working as a chef;
* A passion for food, ability to work hard, an eye for detail;
* English (Reading and writing)

RPL Course Includes:


  • Administration of RPL process
  • File and dividers for POE
  • Limpopo Chefs Academy mentor to assist with POE compilation
  • Printing of Assessments and RPL toolkit
  • Ingredients for formative practical assessment
  • Assessor for formative assessment
  • Assessment and moderation of POE
  • Light refreshments on assessment days

Trade Test Includes:


  • Administration of the trade test process
  • Printing of all assessments
  • 2 assessors
  • 1 moderator
  • 2 cleaners per 4 students
  • Ingredients for the trade test
  • Kitchen facilities and all equipment required for the practical assessment
  • Light refreshments on assessment days

Please take note:

*Costs exclude any gap closure that might be identified during the RPL process.

**Over and above NAMB and QCTO requirements for trade test centres, Limpopo Chefs Academy is equipped with CCTV cameras to capture assessments as well as a generator to ensure that assessments continue during power outages.

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